Amulet of Destiny 0.9.1 release

Updated Amulet of Destiny, HTML5 browser game to version 0.9.1 (0.9.0 Android release)



Bat Enemy type added

Imp Enemy type added

Dwarf Enemy type added

Dwarf Elder Enemy type added

Dwarf Guard Enemy type added

Dwarf Hero Enemy type added

Dwarf Man Enemy type added

Dwarf Man 2 Enemy type added

Vampire Girl Enemy type added

Vampire Guy Enemy type added

Added light source to player

Android Port, various

Added virtual joystick controls for mobile

Added touch buttons for mobile

Increased range of brightness slider for mobile

Decreased range of mouse/touch sensitivity slider for mobile

Background music higher volume for mobile

Fixed bug where armour stat no longer calculates above 110 (Suzuki_Hiakura)



Added Button click sound effects

Game skips intro and continues from save game if present

Fixed issue where Gloves, Boots and Shield weren't getting persisted if equiped

Re-worked EnemySpawner, different enemies types now being distributed across levels as intended

Avatar portrait blood sprite when hit

Avatar portrait display damage number when hit

Enemy death sound effects unique to enemy type

Chests wont give random items that the player already has (up to 5 re-tries)

Multiple small UI tweaks to improve user expierience on Mobile

Added player gold count to Inventory screen

Added damage details in hover-over descriptions for weapons

Increased camera head-bob movement, similar to the old Ultima Underworld classics

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