Amulet of Destiny is a 3D, procedurally generated, retro Dungeon Crawler with Rogue-like elements, crammed with old school, 16 bit graphics for extra awesomeness.

ESC - Main Menu
WSAD or Arrow keys to move
SPACE - Jump
Q - Run/Sprint
C - Crouch
E - Interact
I - Inventory
M - Map
O - Options
1-6 Hot keys to Use Items

Click mouse on window to hide and lock cursor

Your quest has begun to retrieve the sacred Amulet of Destiny, hidden somewhere within the depths of Ever-Death Dungeon, the most ridiculously fortified underground maze, crawling with even more ridiculous monsters and traps, in the whole of the realm. 

Can you prevail where everyone who has gone before failed?, Equipped with just a trusty sword and the meagerest of armour for protection?
Well actually you start with nothing.
Good luck!

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, dungeon, dungeon-crawl, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike

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So I rather liked the game, only found a few bugs id like to report. first and least important, the camera would snap in a random direction usually in 90 degree intervals. Second and game breaking, the armor stat gets to a point over 110 where it no longer calculates. shows a blank space and am no longer able to receive damage. Rather liked the game, it is fun and just the right amount of challenging (^-^)

Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated. Will definitely address those issues once I pick the project back up again. Which I'm hoping will be soon. Kind regards Paul 

So, not bad.  I would love a brightness setting.  Some things were hard to see without turning out the lights. 
Also, level 1 floor just reset while I was playing.  Not sure why. 
Further, where to hit the boxes to break them is hard.  I had to move the mouse just right back and forth to find it.  
But I kinda liked it!  Good work!

Thank you, feedback appreciated. Have added a Brightness slider for next release. Will have another go at the boxes as not quite there yet.

Deleted 2 years ago

Sure, have some bug fixes to go up, the mouse sensitivity is one. Will fire up the profiler tonight to see if I can spot anything. Probably needs some WebGL specific tweaks. Thanks for feedback

Seems like a fun game but the fov and fps makes me head hurty wurty.

I had fun playing this game, cant wait to play more ! 


Thank you kind sir. Nice content on your channel, well worth subscribing to.

Thank you ;)